Papa’s Games are fun restaurant and cooking games in which the player needs to operate a restaurant, pizzeria, cafe or any other establishment owned by Papa Louie. Papa’s Restaurants have been recognized for great food. And Papa wants it that way forever. So make the best food, prepare the healthiest food, create the most unique drinks and always fill up your customers with absolute satisfaction. Papas Games have a set of very exciting challenges for all those who love playing restaurant and cooking games.

The newest addition to the game series, Papasanero is one of the four restaurants in the big bad game franchise. In this version, players need to manage the entire pizzeria by themselves. Players will also get to enjoy the many features of Papasanero such as big bad cooking competitions, growing bar and much more. In fact, you will be treated like a king in this amazing simulation game!

Another one of the popular games in the franchise is Sushi Chef. In this installment, players will enjoy preparing different kinds of delicious sushi dishes. Players can choose from three different styles of sushi such as Japanese, American or Indonesian specialties. The mini-games in this game series include tofu recipes, ordering in a deli, creating a stir-fry, and much more. The recipes available in the game include everything from sashimi, salmon, shrimp and crab to tempura and sesame seeds.

To end this amazing game series, we have the next one: The Karizmo Daisuke! players will experience a traditional Japanese board game. Players can play either against the computer or with the one and only Daisuke Doitsu. The game includes two difficulties levels: Beginner and Advanced. The first difficulty level is for those who want to get acquainted with playing with traditional Mahjong without having to worry about any logic games. For those who want a taste of what Mahjong is truly all about, this is the place to go.

The first game in the Doggeria franchise, players are presented with an introduction video. The whole story line of the game is then revealed. The second game in the series introduces players to the game’s theme, which happens to be farming. It is up to your luck just as with the other game series’ characters to score as much points as possible. As the story goes on, the minigames get more challenging and even at times ridiculous. The whole game feels like an interactive cartoon.

You can purchase both games from the site and it is recommended that you buy Doggie’s first game first just to check if it fits your liking. If you don’t want to purchase anything else, you can simply play any of the free flash games offered at the site. The restaurant management game series is not only for children. Even adults who have no idea what they’re doing at the moment in life can still enjoy playing these games because they’re so simple and easy to understand. The graphics are very nice and the overall picture is above all pretty.